The New Armored G63 Limo

First, it was for the desire for some extended G-wagon features with higher comfort from a high-end S-class and a lot more potency that Inkas, the Canadian armored vehicle specialist came up with the option of a G63.Secondly it was in desire for security; there are times when you would need tight security from your bulky, masculine piece of luxury and so the G63 decided to encompass safety and armor in creating this masterpiece, making sure that everything you need for yourindulgence and fortification is present in this new car.

The Inkas G63 is a bulky, highly secured Limo with 243.5 inches length, a glazed shielding and is armored with a cartridge of 7.62 x 51, steel-core NATO rounds. With these specifications you sure don’t need a bodyguard as the car is also armed with infrared and thermal cameras to record and upload a video clip of your assassination attempt to a secure cloud server which can be used by the police anytime. The powerful build of the car’s appearance is a rather formidable sight to potential attackers; it appears like not just any other limo but tells much of its extra capabilities by just the exterior. The interior is nothing short of the classic G-class with just two seats at the back, sheathed in the finest skin of leather and Alcantara Suede all over.

The car comes with a 4k screen and an integration of Apple TV for quality entertainment, it also comes with Siri’s voice-activated control, a motorized bar and an in-built fridge all for your ease and comfort. The seats can be tilted back or stretched out and contains a massage function to ensure maximum relaxation – with all these there isn’t a reason not to feel like a captain in this fancifully engineered car, which goes for approximately 1.2 million dollars only.


The much anticipated road dragon- the Suzuki V-strom is expected to hit the market this year, starting from the highly enthusiastic Indian market. The V-strom is expected to go on sale in august or latest September 2018. The stinger has made major buzz as bike lovers around the world are looking forward to its new improved specs. The V-strom was first displayed at the 2018 Auto Expo in India where it scintillated its viewers. The wonder bike is set to launch at the second half of the year.

Suzuki has stated that the finished products would be shipped to India through the Completely Knocked Down (CKD) route, in a view to provide competitive pricing for the V-strom.

The Kawasaki has been a tail-adversary as far as pricing goes, creating a much affordable line which has given it a competitive edge. The price tags may fluctuate especially as competition rises in the market, but Suzuki will do well to provide a competitive price around 6.5 lakh for the V-strom 650.

The Suzuki V-Strom came quite prepared hoarding a 645cc, liquid cooled, 90 degree, 4 stroke, v-twin which pushes a 70bhp at 8,800rpm and of course 66Nm of peak torque. There are two available variants for the V-Strom 650; the V-Strom 650 XT and its wingman, the standard V-Strom. The 650 XT is expected to launch sometime in India.

And what is a powerbike without its wheels- the runners are the icing on the cake for the V-Strom. It features a cast aluminum wheel which goes side by side with Bridgestone battlewing tyres. The V-strom 650 XT is built for the off-roads and would get aluminum rims with exquisite stainless steel wired spokes. Other protective measures that come with the powerbike are handguards, plastic body protections, engine cases, and other artilleries. The V-Strom is geared up to take on the extreme outdoors.

Tesla Model Y Partially Unveiled

As new model cars of various brands take the market by storm this year, Tesla isn’t left out as it prepares a triumphant entry of its latest Tesla Model Y into the market. It closely follows the newly released Tesla Model 3 entry-luxury sedan but this new creation is rather small crossover SUV proposed to stand among the family of the cheaper Tesla cars, taking the 5th position in the Tesla line up along with the Model S full-size luxury sedan, Model X mid-sized SUV, Model 3 and the upcoming Roadster. Not one single soul can completely tell what the Tesla Model Y actually looks like as the teasers have been shadowy and yet to be completely revealed, however, we do have one or two things to tell about this new machine. The dark shadowy image of the new Tesla Y that was released by the company in June 2018, at a shareholder meeting reveals that the Model Y seems to have a windshield with something more of a skylight, a slight part of its wheel was seen at the shot but the picture did not even cover up to the back half of the vehicle, leaving fanatics teased and highly curious about what to expect. Judgements have been made from existing information and the more or less cryptic image that if the Tesla Model Y happens not to have the 113.2 wheelbase of the Model 3 and perhaps slightly bigger than that, then it should likely be a competitor to smaller crossovers such as the BMW X3 and Acura MDX both in size and price. Since it is likened to those very cars, it is also in place to think of the Y Model as a car-based SUV that would possess the tall seating position and the wide rear cargo area space that much truck-like SUVs have, but will be in combination with the fuel efficiency and compliant handling of a passenger car.

As for the price tag, although that hasn’t been set, predictors pass the idea that the Model Y will probably fall within the price range of the Model 3 which is $35,000 base price. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, declared that the vehicle will soon be unveiled long before it enters into production in 2020.

Seven fastest motorbikes in the world

Once your taste for four wheel drives start to diminish and you find yourself gaining a sudden attraction to fancy looking motorbikes, then welcome to the territory of speed. You’re probably not going to be thinking about racing cars because most of them are superfluous and although you want a speeder, you do not want to burn a hole in your pocket and spend a fortune on just one ride. So you are considering the fastest motorbike to go for, one that will give you almost the speed of a supercar and remain within the affordable budget and simplicity of a motorbike. Here are a few in the near-rocket speed category:

  1. Ducati 1098S – This superbike sells hugely in the market for being a product of a very reliable brand and one of the fastest bikes out there, with a maximum speed of 169 miles per hour and a 160HP and 1099 cc engine. It is also popular for its great suspension and light weight which aids its speed.
  2. BMW K 1200S – With this one, you’re good for a nice tour, this hyper-sports touring bike hails from a renowned which explains its exquisite outlook design. It could go a quick 174 miles perhour and has efficient brakes that halt the motorbike in peak speed. It uses a 1157 cc DOHC, 16 Valve four cylinder engine and boasts a 164HP @ 10250 rpm.
  3. Aprilia RSV 1000R Mille – This dauntless machine uses a 998cc V-twin engine which pushes 141.13 HP @ 10000 rpm and can attain 140kmph in just 10 seconds. It looks magnificent on the outside and the seats are of premium quality.
  4. MV Agusta F4 1000R – This product comes from the renowned Italian Company Agusta, a limited edition in the series of F4 1000 motorcycles. It uses a 1000cc and produces a maximum of 174 HP and reaches up to 184 miles per hour in its top speed.
  5. Yamaha YZF R1 – This popular Japanese manufactured bike is outstanding in its performance, with a maximum HP of 200 @ 13500 rpm and a top speed of 136 miles per hour. It uses a 998 cc liquid-cooled, 16 valve DOHC in-line-four-cylinder.
  6. Honda CBR 1100xx Super Blackbird – Honda guilt their fastest sports touring bike in the image of this beast. This speeding machine reaches 190 miles per hour at top speed, with a 152 HP, 1137cc engine
  7. Suzuki Hayabusa – This one was named after a Japanese Peregrine Falcon “Hayabusa” and rightly so because of its top speed which hits 203 mph and a top speed of 194 miles per hour – this is Suzuki’s fastest superbike ever.

The Small Turbo Engine’s Flaw

Car engine adverts can be misleading especially when full information is deliberately held back or altered. When the turbocharged engine was first advertised, a lot of people must have expected something that can be as efficient as it is powerful, but they must have been a little disappointed. Just to meet up with the advertised numbers, you may try to test the fuel economy of your turbocharged engine by driving with extra conservativeness, but that may be to no avail for when it comes to fuel economy, the difference between the real life numbers and those advertised will always have a difference and you are about to find out the reason why.

The turbocharged engine was highly rated for its performance and fuel economy but the later set down its marks by several notches contrary to the EPA rated fuel efficiency numbers. Mechanically, the turbocharged engine was designed to protect the car engine from knock and its way of operation tends to put more pressure on the combustion chamber and because of this pressure, the air-fuel mixture kindles by itself even without the assistance of a spark plug and this leads to knock which can damage the engine. So the turbocharged cars have been designed to jet more fuel into the cylinder so that the temperature inside the chamber can be lowered and knock can be totally prevented from occurring. In orderfor it to achieve this process it tends to create a higher charge of power and this in turn uses up more fuel and lowers its efficiency drastically. This is why with a turbocharged engine, you can expect something powerful but speaking of efficiency, that has been totally flawed.

However, not all small turbocharged engines roll this way, we have a few manufacturers like Mazda who have retraced the erroneous mechanical process of the turbocharged engine and figured out how to get the desired power without compromising the economy of fuel.